Our Focus

We assist clients to navigate and shape financial, economic, commercial, regulatory, political and foreign policy issues germane to achieving corporate and government goals for international ventures.

TSG is active in assisting clients to:

Develop market entry and expansion strategies.

Foresee, define and limit risk.

Rapidly identify emerging commercial opportunities and develop and execute implementation strategies.

Forecast and defend against adverse action by government and regulatory agencies.

Track government policies that can advance or impede corporate or sovereign government objectives and develop and execute appropriate action.

The firm advocates for clients before governments and international financial institutions. It assists clients to find commercial partners and establish linkages and relationships critical to business success.

What makes us different?

We are a boutique international business and foreign policy consultancy focused exclusively on achieving real results for clients. Our structure permits us to be highly flexible, responsive and cost-effective. TSG comprises a fully integrated, worldwide network of former senior government and international organization officials; private sector executives and other professionals who have demonstrated expertise in the areas of our work. We draw on senior advisors from this pool that have experience, background, language capabilities and a track record of success in the specific area of client concern and custom assemble a team for each engagement.

The team is fully committed to client goals: clients can access us at any time and can expect that each engagement will be handled professionally, in strict confidence and to client satisfaction. Frankly, we simply don’t know any other way. The TSG team has lived in, worked with or focused professional attention on the countries in which we operate. We have sectoral expertise in major internationally traded industries. If we don’t know the country and industry of concern, and how to achieve real results for clients, we do not take on the assignment.