Mr. Joel Rubin

Senior Director, Legislative and Public Affairs


Joel Rubin is a veteran national security expert with deep experience in political communications, legislative affairs, and the management of advocacy coalitions. Joel has more than two decades of experience in Washington, having served in both Democratic and Republican administrations and has deep ties to the Biden Administration, Congress, the media, Jewish organizations, and the national security community. He has also run for Congress and is an elected local government official.

Joel is a former Obama Administration Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Legislative Affairs, where he led the State Department’s work with the U.S. House of Representatives. He was also a senior U.S. Senate foreign policy advisor, was the Jewish Outreach Director for Bernie Sanders’s 2020 Presidential Campaign, and was a Foreign Policy Volunteer on the Biden-Harris campaign. Joel has longstanding relationships with Congress and senior Biden Administration officials at the White House and in multiple agencies, such as the State, Defense, Treasury, and Homeland Security Departments.

Joel is also a frequently sought-after commentator by the national and international media. He has appeared on television more than 1,000 times on both domestic American – MSNBC, CNN, FOX – and international outlets; he’s now a panelist for the British Broadcasting Corporation’s (BBC) show “The Context.” He has also written extensively about politics and foreign policy for Foreign Policy, The Hill, The Daily Beast, Axios, and The Forward. As a result, he has a strong network of media contacts throughout Washington and New York and is also a Twitter-verified thought leader.

Lastly, Joel is well connected to the foreign policy advocacy community through his past work as the Executive Director of the American Jewish Congress; the founding Political Director of J Street; the Policy Director of Ploughshares Fund; and the Chief Operating Officer of the National Security Network. He maintains close contact with these political activists and foreign policy influencers.

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Publications and Media

Deputy U.S. National Security Advisor-designate and current Fox News national security analyst KT McFarland interviews TSG Senior Director for Congressional Affairs, Joel Rubin, on the Iran nuclear agreement for Fox Defcon3
Published: November 2016

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