Mr. Raouf Youssef

Senior Development Counselor


Raouf Youssef is a leader in conceptualizing, executing and implementing economic development projects worldwide. In the private sector, Mr. Youssef has been engaged in a broad range of project development activities as diverse as proposals relating to development of the mining industry in Afghanistan, assessing potential agricultural development intervention in South Sudan, evaluating the outcomes of a multibillion dollar water and waste water development programs in Egypt, partnering with a number of U.S. firms on United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and Trade and Development Agency (TDA) proposals and activities, mitigating a tax dispute between foreign government and USAID contractor, and providing talented professionals to U.S. development contractors.

Mr. Youssef is a 34-year USAID veteran having served in five bilateral overseas missions and several multilateral/regional missions. While at USAID, he managed the power and telecommunications portfolio ($1.6B) in Egypt for six years, and led the effort to privatize the telecommunications sector in Egypt, as well as helped to commercialize the power sector. He served as USAID/Lebanon Mission Director from 2002 to 2008 managing a very complicated social and economic development programs. He was also responsible for the massive reconstruction and relief efforts during and after the war of 2006. Mr. Youssef is a field person and is known for strong management and leadership skills. Mr. Youssef retired from USAID as Senior Development Counselor for Regional Donor Partnerships in early 2010. He was also called earlier to serve on the CENTCOM joint strategic assessment team for the Middle East, covering Egypt, Lebanon, Yemen, West Bank/Gaza, and Jordan in 2008/9.

Mr. Youssef was born in Egypt, graduated with a BSc. in Agricultural Economics and an MBA in Business Management. He is a graduate of the Department of State’s Foreign Affairs Leadership Seminar and the Federal Executive Institute’s Center for Executive Leadership. He is a recipient of numerous recognitions including Meritorious Honor Award and Superior Achievement Award for Special Acts.

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