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Boulder, Colorado

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Practice Lead, Japan and Northeast Asia


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Consultant for Italy, Energy and Sanctions


Senior Advisor for the Caribbean


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Senior Advisor for International Commercial and Investment Affairs


Transnational Strategy Group

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The world’s economies are increasingly technology- based and technology dependent, and they continue to be highly connected. Economic success, at the level of nations and enterprises alike requires a highly educated and well-trained workforce.

Often the need for education and training cannot be met by domestic institutions and it is necessary to seek assistance from providers outside of the country. The worldwide coronavirus pandemic is posing unprecedented challenges for those responsible for ensuring a trained and educated workforce. In the past, engaging an international provider or creating an international partnership would mean sending students and perhaps faculty to campuses abroad or bringing international faculty to a local classroom. These are much less viable options in the post Covid-19 environment. The pandemic has forced individuals and organizations at all levels of society to rethink and restructure how they live, work and operate. Universities worldwide moved quickly to online education early in the pandemic, and everything suggests that in the post Covid-19 world, online education at a distance will continue to play a major role.

Government and industrial leaders need to assure continuing education and training both during the pandemic and beyond it. They are increasingly seeking assistance from providers outside of the country. That assistance might take the form of:

  • engaging an international provider to design and deliver specific training, courses, or programs for individual enterprise or industry needs;

  • partnering with international education providers; and

  • transforming and modernizing existing domestic educational institutions.

There are many providers who can offer classes and programs that may seem to fit the requirement, but a key question now is how to select the right online provider, one that can provide both high quality content and high quality, engaging, cost-effective program delivery.

How Transnational Strategy Group (TSG) can help

Transnational Strategy Group’s Higher Education Practice is led by Dr. Michael J. Ginzberg, an acknowledged leader in the provision and management of focused higher education for over 30 years. Dr. Ginzberg served as dean of the business school in four major U.S. research universities as well as associate provost in one. He has extensive experience in education sector crisis management from his experience as special consultant to the President of a major private university during its recovery following hurricanes Katrina and Rita and in other capacities. Dr. Ginzberg offers an extensive track record consulting with institutions of higher education from Kenya to Hungary to China and in working with private enterprises to maximize the practical value of courses taught. His bio provides additional background.

Our Higher Education Practice assists education ministries, international universities, industry groups and major employers develop solutions to their education and training needs:

  • Working with clients and experts in the field, we can help design programs in selected areas and identify appropriate program providers. We work with both university and non-university-based providers around the world and can act as your representative and agent in contracting for program development and delivery. Once programs are underway we can continue to monitor progress and to assist in resolving issues that arise and help make any necessary adjustments.

  • We can work with clients to define the type of international partnerships they would like, and through extensive contacts with top universities in the United States and elsewhere, we can identify potential partners and broker connections.

  • Many countries’ education ministries are considering transitioning all or a part of their state university system to private or semi-private status. We can help with planning and executing this transition at the ministry-level or in an individual institution.