Mr. Eugene F. Swanzey

Senior Advisor For Global Investment Strategy


Mr. Swanzey’s professional career has focused on advising global and domestic businesses in their international investment and finance strategies and operations.
Mr. Swanzey is a partner in a C-suite advisory firm concentrating on the nexus between business and industry and the public sector. He was a Senior Managing Partner of The McLean Group and Chairman of the Board of Advisors, a Washington DC area middle market-oriented investment banking firm. He was also a founding partner in Global Development Partners Group, specializing in global economic development issues; a founding Partner in the Washington DC based investment bank Stonecroft Capital; founder of Swanzey Associates, advising and advocating on behalf of large enterprises, including the business community of New York City before, during and in the aftermath of the 9/11 disaster; and was a Partner in the London-based global consulting firm, PA Consulting, working largely in the Middle East.

Mr. Swanzey spent the majority of his career with The Chase Manhattan Bank Corporation in New York City in senior positions, serving the Bank for close to 25 years. In his first 7 years with the Bank, he worked directly for the CEO and Chairman David Rockefeller on major and sensitive issues concerning the Bank–issues affecting every component of the Corporation and the International Advisory Committee vice-chaired by Henry Kissinger. Mr. Swanzey’s role in the Office of the Chairman regularly brought him into contact with numerous heads of state, leaders of industry and business, and high-ranking U.S. government officials.

Mr. Swanzey also served as Chase’s Senior Vice President of Government Affairs. That department was responsible for both global and domestic public policy positions, advocacy, regulation and legislation, community affairs, and NGO relationships. He participated in virtually all major financial services policy issues and financial services events for two decades. Additionally, after Interstate Banking laws were amended, Mr. Swanzey participated with the most senior management of the Corporation in its national expansion and merger and acquisition strategy nationwide.

Prior to Chase Manhattan, Mr. Swanzey worked with Nelson A. Rockefeller during his tenure as Governor of New York and Vice President of the United States.

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